Strong Smells That Would Repel Rats, Are They Effective?

We all know that Boise rats have an amazing sense of smell that they use when looking for their foods. This also allows them to determine if there is a danger in the surrounding. There are some powerful scents that they hate and there are those that will scare them. This includes the scent of particular plants and their predators. Some people use these as repellents to deter the activity of the rats.

Using Smells as Rat Repellents

Before you even start concocting your homemade repellents, remember that we cannot vouch for the efficacy of these products. Some people reported success in using this method while others did not. In order for you to increase the effectiveness of the repellent, you will need to reapply them numerous times. This can be a time-consuming and laborious task but it can be the more affordable option.

Peppermint Oil

According to some, rats hate the powerful scent of the peppermint oil. The offensive scent can keep the rat away from your property. Using the extract of the peppermint may not be as effective as using the oil. Some people are using this to force the rats out of their den especially when their nest is located in the inconspicuous areas of the house. Simply put a decent amount of peppermint oil on the cotton balls and spread it on the key areas of your house. Be sure to replace the cotton balls after 2-3 days since the scent of the essential oil will quickly dissipate in the outdoor environment. You should properly dispose the used cotton balls since the rat can use it as nesting material.

Bathroom Cakes

There are others who believe that the odor of the bathroom cakes will be effective against rat infestation. When you are planning to use this as a repellent, you would have to break them on small pieces first before dispersing them near the den or tracks of the rat. Nonetheless, it is still advisable to be careful when you use this product. This can possibly damage your delicate skin. It can also be harmful to your pets and kids. In addition, since you will be required to break them apart, they will disappear immediately which requires you to replenish the supply on a regular basis.


Ammonia smells similar to the urine of the Boise cat. This is because the urine of our cats contains ammonia. This will trick the rats that the predator is nearby and will help you get rid of them. The scent of the ammonia can be overpowering. However, just like the two scents aforementioned, it will also evaporate immediately. It also works better in an enclosed environment. Before using this product, be sure that this is allowed to use in your community.

While there are scents that the rats do not like, most of them will still choose to stay in our house. Remember that most of the Boise rats have survived living on sewers. Our house provides them warmth, food and comfort. They will rather risk it than stay in a perilous outdoor environment.

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