Ready to Try Something Different? Homemade Idaho Rat Poison Recipe to Deal the Final Meal

Rats are pesky Boise creatures that are possible carrier of deadly diseases. No one wants them in their property. They can cause structural damage and their excrements can damage our water and food source. As a solution for rat infestation most people prefer to use rat poison. Unfortunately, most commercially-available poisons are manufactured using strong chemicals that may be detrimental to your health.

Top Homemade Rat Poison Recipe

Luckily there are ways on how you can create your own rodenticide using the ingredients that you will find in your Idaho home. Let us start enumerating them and find out which is the more effective solution for your rat infestation problem.

Plaster of Paris

In this rat poison recipe, you will need to prepare a cup of milk, around quarter of pound of cornmeal, and another 1/4lbs of Plaster of Paris. Place the cornmeal and the Plaster of Paris together in a bowl. Add at least 1-2 cups milk and mix it thoroughly until you can create dough. Separate it on smaller portion and place it on the areas with high amount of rat activity. This may only be effective for a few days since plaster of Paris has a tendency to harden after a couple of days. If the rat eats the Plaster of Paris it will harden in their stomach that will lead to their death.

Baking Soda

If you do not have a Plastic of Paris in your Boise home, baking soda would be a better alternative. However, you have to add it with other ingredients that will make it more tempting in the eye of the rats. Simply mix an equal portion of the baking soda, sugar, and flour. You may or may not add milk or water into the mixture. Divide this into smaller portion and place it on the path of the rats. The bicarbonate ingredient of the baking soda will react to stomach acid. This will create gasses that can kill the rat since the rat does not have the ability to pass gas.

Boric Acid

In this method, you will have to use boric acid as your active ingredient. Start by mixing the boric acid with sugar. If you simply want to make a dry ingredient, this mixture would be sufficient to kill the rat. However, if you want to make it more appealing in the eye of the rat, you should add water or milk to make dough. You can even add chocolate and peanut butter to capture the attention of the rats. Compared to the commercially manufactured rodenticide, this rat poison will act much slower. Rats are clever creatures. They have the capacity to determine if there are traces of toxic substance in their food.

Once the Boise rat ingested your poison, they will suffer a long and painful death. There are times that their Idaho dead body will be difficult to find. It will release an unbearable stench that will make it uncomfortable to stay in your house. If you want to avoid this issue, the wildlife animal removal company will provide a superior solution.

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